EFFO Series Forklift Truck

TEU EFFO series forklift truck mainly includes 1.5-4.0T diesel forklift and 1.5-4.0T gasoline forklift. Diesel forklifts have powerful overload capacity and long time working ability. The gasoline type features small dimension, light weight, high output power, low noise, small vibration and low price. They are both used in the outdoors.

Advantages of EFFO Series Forklift Truck (1.5-4.0T)
  • Our diesel forklifts have obtained 13 patent certificates.
  • Additionally, our company belongs to national level high-tech enterprise and is the engineering and technological research center of industrial forklift truck.
  • Our company has received ISO9000 certificate and CE certificate.
  • With integrated operating system, TEU forklifts are easy to manipulate.